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All guitars are played by Chris !
(except from the Erik Lidbom DVD, guitars by Chris Andersson, Erik Lidbom and Anton Lindsjö)
The Erik Lidbom project DVD
To order your full copy including a secret gift, backstage materialwith lots of internal jokes that no one will get,
use this link !

> Intro (video 20,5mb)

> Du behöver inte fråga din bästa vän om mig (video 25,2mb)

> Otrohetens underbarn

> Honom med stort H (video21,1mb)

> Värdelös (video 17,9mb)

> Du behöver inte gråta(video20,6mb)

> Det händer mig varenda gång (video 38,0mb)



          > 90´s medley (mp3 4,2mb)

          > Jump (mp3 5.0mb)

          > Lets twist again (mp3 2,2mb)

          > Enter sandman (mp3 5,0mb)

          > Always on the run (mp3 3,6mb)


          > Teenage dirtbag
                  Introducing the band (video 53,2mb)
          > Rock'n roll medley  
                 Afterski, BadGastein, Austria (10,3mb)